Collaboration Verstandig Gezond Nederland

My Vita Wellness works closely together with Verstandig Gezond in the Netherlands to offer orthomolecular health care (part of complementary health care) in Suriname.

What is Complementary Health Care?

Complementary health care has an holistic approach where the care encompasses physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social needs. This care is not symptom-oriented but health-oriented, so not only focussing on treating the visible symptoms, but treating the health issue at the source and resolving the root of the health issue

What kind of Complementary Health Care do we offer?

Orthomolecular care:

In orthomolecular care, the emphasis is on the right vitamins, minerals and fatty acids (micronutrients). The link between imbalances/deficiencies in terms of micronutrients and complaints is examined. You then get started with your health through nutritional and lifestyle advice. This advice can consist of dietary adjustments, increasing micronutrients through supplements, exercise and mindfulness.


By means of various tests, you know at the start of an orthomolecular traject what your current status/values are at cellular level.

One of the tests is the Holistic Test. With the help of the swipe of the inner cheek, you will receive your current health status regarding any disbalances on cellular level. The following values are examined with both a regular and a complementary (holistic) view: Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty acids, Hormones, Neurotransmitters, Stress levels, Acupuncture meridians, Energetic pathogen load, Intestinal parameters, Energetic blockages, PNI disruption and Energetic intolerances .

*As this is a holistic test, the results cannot be compared with regular blood test of the hospital. Based on the results of the test, you will receive the result and an advice on how to work on get you health in balance based on nutrion advice, supplements exercise and mindfulness.

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Do you have health issues, are you not making any progress with your current (health) provider or do you want to take preventive steps for your health, please contact us.